Sunday, February 14, 2010


When children are young they learn about themselves from the image of themselves that is reflected back to them by their primary sources of affection. Parents are gods. Whatever that parent reflects back, that child takes as gospel.

All of us have had imperfect mirrors because outside of Paradise the human race became imperfect. Some have only seen themselves through the kind of distorted Fun House type of mirrors. Some of us cannot bear or dare to look for fear of what we will see or fail to see there.

But if we look full into the face of someone who truly loves us we come closer to beholding our true self especially if that mirror is the face of unconditional love.

As I write this I am well into my fifties. My chin likes to hide out in turtle necks these days, I need undergarments with more elastic as my anatomy gives way to gravity, I sometimes do the Benny Hinn hair wrap to hide a thinning spot where I used to part my hair, I have two deep frown lines between my eyebrows from going without my glasses... the list grows longer by the day. I even replaced the 60 watt bulbs around my mirror with 40 watters because it cured me of many smaller wrinkles almost at once.

I look my stated age everywhere except one place...John LaMantia's eyes. In those blue pools I am 19 again, 125 lbs, and have long blond hair. After almost four decades it is John who climbs into bed at night with the fresh young girl I once was and the older version of her. When he tells me how beautiful I am (present tense) it is the truth spoken by a man I have never known to lie and I see myself in the mirror he holds up for me and I believe him.

God is so like John. He is the One who knows you best who loves you most. The real you, the now and future you. He has His own special story of you and what a read it is! In His version thrives our real, genuine, authentic, adorable, beloved, "I can do all things," self.  In our story our false selves are being written out and written over with a loving hand.

So break all the "broken" mirrors (no bad luck will follow) and let God show you who you really are. He can't wait to do so and you won't be disappointed. Best of all your spirit will give in to HIS IRRESISTIBLE VISION OF YOU!

When you have looked long at yourself in His eyes, He will polish you to reflect His love to other hungry eyes looking for Him- in the mirror that is you.

Love believes the best.

Hopes for the best.

Is the best!

(Some friends and I were sharing thoughts on Valentine’s Day and this was my contribution. I found it as I was sorting through some things. It made me smile as it spoke to me of two whose love upholds me and brings so much into my life, Christ and The Sax-Man. Every good and perfect gift comes down from above!)


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  1. Oh, I needed this. I'm getting close to 50 and I'm already feeling the effects that you mention. But my husband is always assuring me he loves just as I am, and however I will be. What a gift.