Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Judge

Several years ago when John David was in junior high he went to a karate competition. At the time he was one belt level below brown. Somehow, probably because of his size and age as well as a shortage of black belts in that particular competition, he was paired with a boy his own size and age but who was a black belt. JD was definitely over matched and the underdog.

It didn't take but a few minutes of fighting for anyone to see that even though JD was not a black belt, he was no pushover. The boy could fight. He came from a karate school where heart, effort and integrity mattered. He gave it his all.

When it became apparent that JD would be no easy opponent, the black belt cheated. He was not without skill himself but as JD reached deeper and deeper inside himself manifesting the solid skills of his teaching, his opponent cheated. He landed blows that hurt and stunned and were meant to finish his "weaker" opponent.

Right then the Judge called a time out to consult with the fighters. The Judge pronounced a foul against the black belt. This meant JD won by a technicality. Blue beats black. Then a most interesting thing happened. The Judge who happened to be a world class kickboxer turned to a blue belt teenager and asked a question: "Do you want to keep fighting?"

He was looking at John David's heart and offering him an opportunity to prove who was the better man regardless of belt class or technicalities. He was offering JD a chance to show his colors and to show the black belt that "Right makes might."

John David being who he was got back in the competition and the rest is history.

The black belt looking for a short cut got one. Not the one he was looking for however. He was soundly beaten by the twin graces of heart and skill. The proof of victory is in our possession, a trophy JD never bothered to openly display because he carried the more important version within himself. He even had an opportunity to deal with the big brother of the cheater who wanted to give JD the beating that his dishonest sibling had been unable to effect. That too was a no go.

The Judge who missed nothing gave him that opportunity to fight and learn and gain confidence and shame a bad fighter in the process. The next guy to fight JD stood against an even more self assured opponent. John David took that lesson into the rest of his life. Took it to war, taught it to others. You can defeat the giants in your life.

Our Judge, Our Wonderful Father, lets us learn similar lessons does He not? The scriptures are full of them. He is there with us every step allowing our confidence in the flesh to be defeated but our confidence in the Spirit to grow.

He is all about us learning whose we are and how we can overcome every enemy. He wants us to win even when it means a struggle because the world is watching us and we are wearing His colors. Hell is watching us and our children and our property and Hell needs to think twice about putting a hand on us.

"When all our enemies heard of it, all the nations surrounding us saw it (the rebuilt wall of Jerusalem which came at no small struggle) they lost their confidence..." Nehemiah 6:16

Do YOU want to keep fighting?

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