Sunday, June 5, 2011

Insistere-To Stand Still On

Some of us have been praying for the complete physical healing of Ruth Schoenleben's son-in-law, Jay, who has been in a battle with cancer for some time.

Kim and I were I emailing back and forth about "insisting" on his healing. I felt that we were supposed to insist. On the third day Christ rose from the dead. I do not believe the sun has set on that day nor shall it ever and I shared that thought with Kim.

1. Demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal. From the Latin insistere to stand still on.

Here is her insistence with my full agreement.

The sun has not set upon your Resurrection day...Nor shall it ever.

We want to see Jay live and not die.
We want Jay to raise his daughter and grow old with his wife.
We want Jay to know that his God is alive.
We want Jay to know that the sacrifice Jesus made for his life (body, soul and spirit) was more than enough for anything that he or his family will ever need.

I do insist at all times under all circumstances, no matter what, that the sacrifice that Jesus made for us was more than enough for anything we will ever need.

We are calling on that truth for Jay's healing, God.



We agree with
Your Crucified body,
Your Resurrected body,
Your Glorified body,
that you are the perfect sacrifice
the obedient Son
the One who sits at
the Father's right hand
having everything under your authority
possessing all the power
Jay's body needs
to fully respond to
Your call to wholeness.
"A three strand cord
is not easily broken."


At all times under all circumstances, no matter what, the sacrifice that Jesus made for us was more than enough for anything we will ever need.(Kim Lorentzen)

Blessed be the LORD day by day,* the God of our salvation, who bears our burdens. He is our God, the God of our salvation;* God is the LORD, by whom we escape death.
Psalm 68:11

Please insist with us. Please "stand still on" this promise that Christ is indeed all sufficient. May His grace, bless, provide and sustain this courageous family.

If you wish to "insist" with us on behalf of Jay, and write it as a comment, I will publish it on this site...Remember one can put 1,000 to flight and two 10,000. Do the math. It is all agreement. Jesus obedient agreement with the will of the Father and our agreement with one another in the Spirit, standing on His promises together for His glory.

The sun has not set on that Third Day, nor shall it ever!
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.


  1. Kim Johnson Steel commented on your link.
    Kim wrote: "Joy (Jay's wife) is a life-long friend. I will stand with her and her family DEFINITELY."

  2. Asa just said, "Cancer, and everyone who has cancer and everyone who is going to get sick from cancer, STOP and cancer GO AWAY in Jesus' name."

  3. David Hoaks wrote: Upon your request I have made such prayers over this family and this young man. God Bless You.

  4. Brenda Rasmussen Johnson said: We know God created us in perfect wholeness, "perfect perfection", perfect DNA, perfect cells, everything in its rightful place working its rightful, purposed way. We (the Johnsons - Brenda, Timothy, and Eden) INSIST on the manifestation of that perfection in Jay's body and STAND ON the Truth that is the Perfect Creation in Whose image we were created!!!

  5. John LaMantia is playing over him now.

    Playing a word for Jay.

    This is what I heard.

    A song calling
    the stream to flow
    filling all that
    has been removed,
    carved out-
    flowing into places
    cancer destroyed.
    The land unscarred.
    An ocean of wheat
    keeping time,
    rocking, rustling,
    in sunlight.

    * Latin for full or filled, we get replete, replenished, abundance from it.