Monday, February 6, 2012

The Man In The Moon Is A Woman


The man in the moon is a woman
and she followed me home tonight
over the mountains, through the spruce
kissing the tip of the highest bare cottonwood,
teasing me out into the cold.
She is the night ruler, my celestial sister,
called to display the hand that made her,
to sing to waves and tides and move the oceans
with her sky dance.
All but the most persistent stars hide from her strength
and wait upon her half closed eye to show their faces.
She has no fire of her own save that which fuels lover's hearts.
She goes or stays as He delights this One who made moon and man
and has all in His keeping.
It is for the Blessed One she shines and bids me do the same
even in the darkest time
and to rise.


At midnight I will rise to give thanks...Psalm 119:62

To all those gallant women I know who are pushing back against something dark. Christ put a light in you to rule that night and to get Him glory.

Valley of the Moon, Anchorage, Alaska


  1. As always, my dear friend, your words worked magic in my heart and spoke to my soul. Last night I was reading Psalm 84 at midnight preparing for my ladies Bible study tonight. Funny how the spirit and the heart take over and do "their job" even when the rest of you is under a rock. BTW, I held my Alaskan rock last night praying a blessing for you & John for a blessed anniversary. Love you! -R

  2. You were the first face I saw when I hit "Publish." -Kathy

  3. this is so unique and beautiful. i'm so glad you linked with imperfect. bless you.

  4. Oh, thank you, God, for making the moon.
    Thank you, Kathy, for writing this.