Monday, February 13, 2012

Holy Moments

Receiving a gift is like getting a rare gemstone; any way you look at it, you see beauty refracted. Proverbs 17:8

I had guests tonight. Welcome visitors who beautified my home. Cheered me up. Make the tired places in me sing. Made me see the beauty of the Lord's hand in the refreshed life around me.

A warbler, a robin and a bluebird walked into my living room. (That sounds like the opening line of a joke.) My bird guests were carried into the room by the very hands that created them.

My friends, Rebecca and Christian have been drawing. They have been exercising their creative muscles as well as their giving muscles. The results are colorful, generous and "full of sweetness" as Kim would say when being Ambushed by God.

And they are mine!

A few weeks ago I made a mug out of a captivating bird drawing that Christian came up with. That green parrot looked me right in the eye and dared me to make something of him. I did. The gifts tonight were a 'thank you' for the mug but even a casual observer could see it was God showing off. God muggin' for the camera and our hearts snapped some great pictures. God showing the best of Himself in generosity and creativity and friendship.

That knocks me off my feet.

Paul told Timothy not to neglect the gift that was put into him. (1 Timothy 4:14) In doing a word study I heard Paul admonishing his friend and protege not to consider his ministry opportunity to be "of no moment." Of no consequence.

We need to seize those moments. Those open doors when the light is just right and grace is wooing us out into a creative stream. It is the Lord shining through us. We need to let the sun rise. Let it smile on the world around us that needs to feast on Love's colors, scents, tastes and goodness.

What you do to the least of these...Time to pop the top on the alabaster bottle. Spill out the brownies, lasagna and chili the cooking gifts claim (My friend Sue Marsrow makes a Dutch apple pie that carries an anointing); spill the canvas, clay, photos and music the artists claim; pour out the jewelry, cards and words of encouragement still others create in "a moment."

We live in a generation famished for our moments. Those moments when Jesus flows and shines and glorifies the Father.

In the Message translation, Paul finishes by telling Timothy to keep his gift "dusted off and in use." You might tell me Paul was referring to spiritual gifts. I would ask if we have any other kind?

Our gifts and talents are holy. Their use is holy. Our moments are holy.

Rebecca and Christian, my sincere gratitude for spilling your gifts into my life and home. Moment by moment they will remind me of both of you and of the One they honor.



  1. If we're all "spilling our gifts" and sharing our "holy moments", that's Gennessaret, isn't it? What a provocative (as in provoking) post. Thank you for sharing and spilling! -K

  2. It is absolutely the unspoiled, noncompetative, fruitful place called Gennessaret.

  3. Make my anointed apple pie a la mode. Does the pie lady live anywhere near Tampa? These were good thoughts and a good nudge. Frances