Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Link To Love Stories by Kim

I am crazy about love stories. The real kind. Not the Hollywood variety where genuine character and tenderness are left on the cutting room floor.

There are lists I could offer of favorite books and movies. John, who is indulgent of my penchant for happy endings could quote those lists from memory. He had not a clue who Jane Austin was before we were married but she is family now. Most of us lovers of love stories love the same stories. The same plus one- our own love story.

My friend and fellow love-chef, Kimberly Lorentzen, a woman who knows about love's goodness and God's goodness, has posted a thought as good as a hand dipped, dark chocolate apricot.

Have one at Ambushed by God.



P.S. Best fun love story suggestion (no, not Sweet Home Alabama...but that one is good) try Last of the Dogmen. It has mystery, history, scenery; the most sincere, feel it in the balls of your feet, long, rewind it and watch it again kiss, and a dog. It is a man's man chick flick he will like as well.


  1. And I thought my own love story was pretty good, but the above sounds reallllly good. :) I didn't have a dog - yet.

    1. The dog is a bonus except when she is a jealous female. Had one of those. John adored her. She only adored me at meals. Kat