Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking Toward Lent

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago we looked into the stable?
Now it is time to prepare our hearts to look up to the Cross.
Shrovetide is Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 2/19-21/12.
(Shrovetide means "to confess." It is a time of spring cleaning for the soul)

The 2012 Lenten season itself begins with Ash Wednesday 2/22/12. (A time where we make room for Christ by moving something else out of our life for a season.)

Time to meet Mary the sorrowing mother, John the faithful friend, Peter with a sword in his hand and a curse on his lips, Judas the betrayer, the sleeping twelve, Herod the hand washer.

Sit in communion. Put your feet in the basin. Walk in the Garden in the quiet. Stand in the street and hear your own sin call, "Crucify Him!" Hear the lash snap, the sound of hammer on nails, His great words of forgiveness. Feel the coolness of the tomb embrace Christ in death. Meet the angels. Answer their question. Know the joy of that first sinless moment of life triumphing over death.

This is our story.

I offer you a Lenten devotion (link below) that has been such a pause for me every year. Follow the path. Light the lamps then extinguish them with the coming of a new day. In past years it was available at the Soul @ Rest webpage but it may only be available in book form now.

May your journey be blessed.


Contemplating The Cross By Tricia Rhodes The 2007 revised edition

Sunflower Monstrance

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  1. A wonderful contemplation, indeed.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.