Monday, March 8, 2010

He Is All I Need

Majestic, praise abounds in our God-city! His sacred mountain, breathtaking in its heights—earth's joy. Zion’s mountain looms in the North, city of the world-King. God in his citadel peaks impregnable… In God's city of Angel Armies, in the city our God set on firm foundations, firm forever. We pondered your love-in-action, God… Circle Zion, take her measure, count her fortress peaks… climb her citadel heights. Then you can tell the next generation detail by detail the story of God, Our God forever, who guides us till the end of time. Psalm 48 (Message)

Alaska can be a scary place to live. Wild animals, earthquakes, avalanches. But if you watch the news you have to ask yourself is there any place safe? Hurricanes, floods, rogue waves, volcanoes, earthquakes that destroy almost entire cultures, out of work men with guns who collect their own twisted version of unemployment. In 2010 there seems to be no where safe especially in a mother’s womb. Sometimes our emotional landscape is more frightening or desolate than anything nature can create or science fiction invent.

The scriptures assure us that the Lord “is our very present help in troubled times.” This is a word I need. The help I need. Present help as in it shows up now! I covet demon avoiding donkeys, the raven version of meals-on-wheels, manna, fish with tax payments inside, baskets of bread, bottomless oil bottles and lights that burn for eight days.I also need a bush that burns without being consumed, a God who controls the weather and angels who show up at all the "right" moments. Or do I?

Well, I would be lying if I said I didn't want what would make my life easier. But easy isn't always enough for me. There is a part of my soul that hungers for something heroic, epic, something only God Himself, God face to face can satisfy.

It is such a temptation to seek the things God can do, the helps He can bring and miss God Himself. The city of God mentioned above I believe, is in reality God Himself. That secret place where He hides us is in His own heart. Inside all that He is, all that He intends, all that He has planned for, all that is His very essence.

In Psalm 91 it says that “because we are bound to Him in love He will deliver us.” The Hebrew for this implies that because we cling to Him, He will take us to an inaccessibly high place, an unassailable place of complete safety both figuratively and literally.

That high place is the place where we trust God. Where we hang on for life to the one who is Life itself. It is the place where God shows us things, reveals secrets, bestows gifts, rights wrongs. The place where the smell of His garments wrapped around us is enough to satisfy every longing and cover any insufficiency. What is fair is no longer an issue. We have Christ.

Our hearts are fixed, we are dug into Him and fastened on tighter than ticks. (...when I found the one my heart loves; I held him and would not let him go. Songs) When He ascends to the High Places we go right along. He carries us as precious cargo who are bound to Him by love.

The miracles happen. How can they not? They follow Him as surely as a tail follows a comet. His love and desire for us is the most amazing miracle of all. The miracle that before we call His heart responds. His love is a secure, lofty, unassailable stronghold of gleaming assurance no matter what the news or the weather man says. No matter how hard the rains come or the ground shakes. Regardless of what political party is in office. No matter if the wheels have fallen off our emotional wagons.

His plan is to rescue us, put a floor under us and to bring us to a place of honor and satisfaction. The place salvation made possible.

Because he is bound to me in love, therefore will I deliver him;* I will protect him, because he knows my Name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him;* I am with him in trouble; I will rescue him and bring him to honor. With long life will I satisfy him,* and show him my salvation. Psalm 91:14–16

The old hymn that promises, “He is all I need,” was telling the truth of it. Whisper it to Him and hold on tight. He will hold you right back even "to the end of time."

(Dedicated to His "Thoughtful Daughter" and our good friend, Kim Lorentzen, on the occasion of her birthday. Never stop asking the hard questions. He is full of answers.)


  1. This changed my day all over again. "His love and desire for us is the most amazing miracle of all." And it's the one on which all my security, dreams and penchant for epic heroism is hinged. Thank you for putting it all into words, Kathy. -K

  2. Just coming back from vacation and I really needed this refreshment. . .bless you, Kat! You know where you stand in my heart. - RS