Thursday, March 4, 2010

God's Business

If God participated in Take Your Son/Daughter To Work Day can you just imagine what we might see? Our Father planning new star nurseries, inventing new strains of helpful bacteria, "Loosing the bands of Orion." I could go on overload thinking about it.

He is in everything, about everything and everything, all things, are about Him. How we sometimes fail to remember that is equally mystifying.

Several days ago John and I were talking about a situation in our life that was inconvenient and bothersome. We really needed something to change but we could not effect that change needed. We had made all the corrections and suggestions we could and the problem persisted. It involved other people whose behaviors we could not influence.

After talking about it for some time and feeling frustrated there came that voice saying, "It is what it is but just invite me into the situation anyway." So we did. "Lord, we have hit a wall here. We do not know how this can change. It seems impossible. We have tried everything. We are inviting you into this situation."

As Forrest Gump said, "Then GOD showed up!"

The grace He gave us and the helps He brought made all the difference. Not everything changed at once but the gears were greased, the friction eased and our joy returned.

Psalm 54:4 God is my helper. It is the Lord who sustains me.

Luke 2:49 Reminds us of the lesson the boy-Christ taught a frantic Mary and Joseph,"...Don't you know I must be about My Father's business?"

The part we so easily forget but our wonderful Lord does not is that the Father's business is us.


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