Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fighter of the Night

March 7, 2002. I always remember this day with fondness and pride. There is a trophy in my home that attests to the fact that John David was indeed The Fighter of the Night on that date.

The mother in me detested watching him fight. The other guy landed a few lucky punches as well as some calculated ones. But the mother in me also just ate it up when he won. I will never forget the victory dance he did in the ring with a thousand people watching.

The real show, however was taking place right next to me where his father was saying, "YES! YES! YES! Well done, John David!" among other things. The grin was so wide you could count all of his teeth. There was absolutely, positively no question of paternity as John openly declared to everyone within ear shot that his son had just won.

I was proud of John David for fighting a fair fight and being a gracious winner, for not getting too bloodied up. The things that count for mothers. John was proud of him for getting in the ring and throwing a punch. Proud of him for openly declaring that he belonged to Christ in the hearing of the audience before that first punch was thrown. And, you bet, also for being the last man standing.

We have a Father in Heaven who watches our daily battles with many enemies great and small. When has He failed to cheer us on from the sidelines? He brags about us. Think not? How about His reference to Job? "Have you considered my servant, Job? There is no one on earth like him!" Job 1. Even better of Jesus, "This is my beloved son. In him I am well pleased." Luke 3.

Our Father has given us victory and opportunity for victory. He has openly declared paternity! He is the most solidly "For us" person in the room and He is not shy about yelling that sentiment down to Hell or up to Heaven. Win or lose we are His from the first punch to the last. He loves us when we win. He loves us when all we can do is try. He loves us.

Like the 3/7/02 Fighter of the Night parents, it is God who is saving our trophies. John David always moved on to the next thing and carried his win with him in his heart but his dad and I would not take silver of gold for the plastic trophy with his name inscribed on it. Treasure I assure you of the most precious kind, as is the black hoodie with red lettering that referenced the words from Jeremiah,"Is not my word like fire," declares the LORD, "and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?"

John David, "THE HAMMER" has treasure in Heaven. So do we. So do you. Our proud and loving Father keeps many things about us in His treasure room and close to His heart. Kindnesses and acts of unselfishness, heroic action, bravery, moments of greatness we have long forgotten have been engraved for Eternity. One day we shall see what all the excitement was about. One day we will hear that coveted, "Well done, Well Loved!"

There are wonderful times to look forward to. Today I celebrate and remember a moment when I got the first sweaty hug from the Fighter of the Night.

John David you are always and forever our Best Day.


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