Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Take Me

"...When I found the one my heart loves I held him and would not let him go..."
Songs 3

Several days ago I was on an upper floor of a tall building overlooking downtown. I had an unobstructed view of much of the city and surrounding area. As I stood there a thought formed based upon the lateness of the hour in terms of Christ's return, the news of the day and maybe also, in no small measure, prompted by a friend's divorce proceedings about to occur.

I found myself making God an offer I thought He could not refuse. "Lord, show me the way and I will take this city for you." How could He resist such a tempting offer? Didn't the scriptures lament the lack of workers in relationship to the readiness of the harvest? Here I was ready, willing and just waiting for Heaven to install the divine equivalent of a GPS on my spiritual dashboard.

God did not hesitate. His response was swift. "Just take me. If you have me everything is possible. Can you just take me for yourself?"

Energy, focus and a good work ethic are helpful adjuncts to ministry but love surpasses everything. God wants us to desire Him. To be called to His side by a love void of distractions.

Ministry a distraction? Too often. Works will follow but love leads. "When I found the one my heart loves..."

There is a writing by Hugh Prather that says it:

"Brush aside all shrines to the future, all altars to the past. Give me Your golden present, a home in You, unmovable and eternal. Still all voices within me. Fill me with the hush of Your peace. Now You are my thoughts, my purpose and my way. All I need and all I am is You."

Is my city still in my sights? You bet it is, but when I come to claim it for Christ, I will come on the arm of the one my soul loves and I won't be letting go!

Neither will He!

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