Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unbound Hair

Love makes us take bold steps.
Love risks our pride being wounded.
Love looks into dark places and calls to the Light.
Love gets what it asks for.
Love celebrates!

1 That day Deborah and Barak son of Abinoam sang this song:

2 When they let down their hair in Israel,
they let it blow wild in the wind.
The people volunteered with abandon,
bless God!

3 Hear O kings! Listen O princes!
To God, yes to God, I'll sing,
Make music to God,
to the God of Israel.

4-5 God, when you left Seir,
and marched across the fields of Edom,
The Earth quaked, yes, the skies poured rain,
oh, the clouds made rivers!
Judges 5 (The Message)

When the ancient Irish went to war they terrified their enemies because they let out their very long hair, colored it, spiked it all over, painted their naked bodies and carried a war club. They also had a battle cry that would wake the dead. They were impossible to miss. Impossible to ignore. They definitely got their enemies attention. (Not acceptable church attire but I focus more on fearless than naked.)

When JD was in Iraq the epicenter of my prayer life was in my downstairs family room. When I was home alone I would put on my most rhythmic Celtic music and my most flowing skirt. I would do up my make up, spike my hair all three inches of it and put on my best perfume. I always put on earrings that had bells... and I would begin to welcome the Spirit. I held a picture of JD in uniform on a Humvee in one hand and a pre-war picture of him on his bicycle in the other. I would ask God to protect and deliver the soldier and allow him to keep the good heart of the man on the bike.

Since in the days of Herod a woman belonged to the man she danced for, I decided to belong to Christ in the dance. I would dance and be His and He would extend the scepter to His Beloved and grant every desire of my heart for my family.

I let the Spirit order my steps. They were beautiful even violent. I waved the pictures as I danced, spoke, sang and prophesied as the Holy Ghost released Himself into my worship. I felt the shields and weapons forged in Hell crack and break before my steps. Borders were secured, protection was appropriated, the future was provisioned.

All my spiritual hair blew wild and free in the wind. I was a River Making Cloud and Iraq was the desert that drank in my worship and washed my son beyond its borders to home and wholeness.

How can we fear to dance? It is Hell that fears our dance and our wild free flowing unbound hair. It is Hell that sits stunned by our cloudburst of uninhibited praise, unfettered joy. Heaven turns on such worship. Its engines are powered up by the fuel created by such surrender and confidence and it will match us stroke for stroke.

I will dance and be His! I will dance and be His!

Christ will not make us ashamed or leave us feeling foolish. He will come and dance with us to the delight of the Father. And He will hear our prayer and answer to the cheers of Heaven.

I am a contemplative prayer who Prays the Hours and can worship in High Church Latin but I am also a full on Pentecostal holy dancer unashamed of the power of freedom.

Can't dance? Don't know any steps? Let it be as Abraham answered his son, "The Lord will provide..."

How long will you gather moisture and not release it?

It is time, and past it really, for God's daughters to unbind their hair.


Spirit Dancer

Fire Dancer by Stephen Sawyer @ Art for God purchase link:

Afro Celt Sound System


  1. Some interesting concepts here. I'm not much of a dancer, but I salute your enthusiasm.

  2. God, listen to me shout, bend an ear to my prayer. When I'm far from anywhere,down to my last gasp, I call out, "Guide me up High Rock Mountain!

    You've always given me breathing room,a place to get away from it all,A lifetime pass to your safe-house,an open invitation as your guest. You've always taken me seriously, God,
    made me welcome among those who know and love you. Psalm 61:1-5The Message)

    Oh, that He would unleash our inhibitions! I can see you in my heart's eye - Dance on, my friend, dance on! Be blessed! <3

  3. I found a picture - painting or drawing? - years ago of a woman with "unbound hair". There was a quote with it, an excerpt from some historical work. It described women escaping slavery (in America) with seeds hidden, bound up in their hair. Once in a safe place, they would unbind their hair and free the seeds in order to plant them - provision for a new life in a free land. I pictured them dancing wildly to set loose their hair and then the seeds. It was a picture of freedom and sowing-what-we-will-reap that I never forgot. This post reminded me of it. You've sown furiously and reaped a harvest.