Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And John Has Kept It

I found you under the apricot tree, and woke you up to love.
Song of Solomon Chapter 8

I found God.
God found me a lover.
He gave me one of His sons to hold my heart.
To whisper to its unspoken gifts.
To tease me out into society.
To shave down my tearing teeth.
To make my heart quiet.
He gave me someone to cradle my secrets
not forge them into weapons for use against me.
He gave me someone who would embrace me unveiled.
Who would keep a record of my victories
but would bury my mistakes in unmarked graves.
He gave me someone to satisfy love's thirst
and make our bed a grassland.
He gave me a man who offers friendship, honor and preference.
God made me a promise and John has kept it.

I am so glad God woke me up to love. I plan to stay awake forever.



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  1. You would know, Norman. There is a good woman who loves you just like that, huh?

    We are all blessed.


  2. Very special tribute to God and your husband. Thanks for sharing. Gail

  3. Visiting from Ann's . . . so many lovely quotables surprising my heart with Truth . . .blessings,dear one, and thank you. . .

  4. So beautiful. I loved reading about the abiding nature of your love.

  5. Love this:

    "Who would keep a record of my victories
    but would bury my mistakes in unmarked graves."

    That's heart-bursting love, one that rejoices and hopes and perseveres and respects. YES!

    Glad you linked in community, with the "I Do" project.