Saturday, April 30, 2011

God as Kingdom

For the LORD is a great God
and a great King above all gods
In his hand are the deep places of the earth. The strength of the hills is his also. Ps 95

The deep places, the tops of the hills and everywhere in between, God. Noisy joy and thanksgiving companion His greatness. He is solid. Immovable. Everlasting. Our strength. Not only the rock of our salvation but a House of Rock. A habitation, a dwelling, the strong walls surrounding our lives. Not only a place to stand but a place to put our lives and the lives dear to us.

Beth-tsur (House of Rock) of old was well esteemed by the Maccabees who knew its strategic importance. In their day it was the strongest place in all of Judea. It allowed these Hebrew warriors to defeat foreign invaders and retake Jerusalem. Because of its elevation and view of the Valley of Elah an invading army was unable to attack in secret. Because of its natural fortifications invaders were denied access and repelled by God's people who occupied a position of strength.

I have so often known the Lord as my Beth-tsur. My high tower whose cool walls draw the burning from my sometime agitated soul. Whose firm foundation allows me to stand sure footed in a confusing world. Whose view of the landscape sees danger coming while it is yet far off and sounds the alarm. Whose gates have made fast my protection and denied the destroyer access. Whose outcroppings and clefts give me a place from which to fight and win.

God is my House of Rock with a heart of love. The strength of the hills and still the secret places, deep places of wisdom and refreshing hidden and waiting discovery. Places of joy and places of strength in one place, Christ. Not only the best place in the Kingdom but the Kingdom itself.

Our God Who Is Our Kingdom is calling, inviting us to live above, to live protected and aware. They who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty (Ps. 91:1). Abide in Me, and I will abide in you (Jn.15:4).

This is a call I am going to answer.

He is my Beth-tsur and beyond.

Christ is my Kingdom.

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