Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Will Burst His Heart With My Loving Him

We try to fend off His anger by bargaining with Him, thinking our hard work and sincere efforts will pay Him back for all those evil past deeds we're guilty of. But to our astonishment, He never even considered our attempts important enough to mention. What we had in mind was earning just enough to silence our guilt, but what He had in mind was overwhelming us with such an abundance we'd realize we can never, ever repay. What a beautiful picture of Christ at the cross. Chuck Swindoll

I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. John 8

I love this chapter of John and this verse that follows the story of the woman taken in adultery and saved by Christ. God's perfect Light ministered to a soul caught in a web of sin as well as the political intrigue of the moment. The enemies of Christ seek to use her to trap Him. Her guilt is not in dispute but it is overwhelmed by the love and generosity of a God whose hands hold no stones.

Her accusers dragged her out of the shadows but He offers her light without shame and a simple wisdom, "I don't condemn you. Stop sinning." Her fearful heart struggles to take His meaning:

I see your sin but I am going to deal with it in a way you are not accustomed to.

Christ overwhelms me as Swindoll says with the abundance of His good intentions toward me. Simple and uncomplicated affection. He loves me. He loves me. There are no daisy petals that say otherwise. He just plainly, truly, ardently loves me. His light sends my accusers back to the shadows unsatisfied but He fills me with goodness.

I will sit in His presence today and love Him back. I will tell Him how my soul receives His deep affection, how my life is good because He is good. I will burst His heart with my loving Him. I will.

I will put it into words that warm and inspire Him. I am His love letter today and my tender feelings fill the paper with fragrant words. I will sit forgiven in His presence and He will feel my love. He will.

Is there a place you want to sit with Jesus? A place without bargains? A place of grace?

Look. He has brushed a spot clean.

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