Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soul at Rest

Lent begins tomorrow and it is one of those sacred and special times of the year that I treasure. Several years ago I read a book during Lent called Contemplating the Cross by Tricia Rhodes. I have been carried back to the Garden, the Cross, the Tomb and the Resurrection via that wonderful book each year since.

Jesus is fresh and real in these pages. I can feel the fabric of his robe as I sit next to him at the Last Supper table, hear the catch in his voice at parting, the sound of hammer on nails, of a stone rolling away. I hear him say, "Kathy, put your dirty feet in my lap, have some bread, don't cry, I forgive you and I'll be back."

Give yourself a blessed gift and follow the link to this daily devotional. It is Bread to carry you down the road with nourishment, strength and thanksgiving.

"And yet all these things are merely a shadow of the beauty and power displayed in the heavenlies when the veil of Jesus' flesh was rent, sprinkling His blood across the altar of history. For this sacrificial Lamb atones for sins, not once a year, but once and for all, leading the way for humankind to live forever in the wonder of God's holy presence." (Contemplating the Cross pg 152)

(Bread by Kimberly Lorentzen and Asa)

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