Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Soul in Silence Waits

For God alone my soul in silence waits...truly, my hope is in him.
Psalm 62:6–9

I have always enjoyed the writings of Gibran but tonight I was reminded of his opinion of the North Wind. The Destroyer. He refers to the North Wind in one of his works as the one who "...lays waste to the garden."

The winds from all directions have been blowing upon my devotions for several days now and I admit to being attracted to the garden-fragrant South Wind at first glance. A shoe in for first place in almost any contest. However upon closer consideration I have to say that the chilly North Wind is wooing me.

The North Wind does indeed turn lush green stems to straw and velvet leaves to paper. But without the dry, cold breath of winter there would never be another apple on a tree. It is the North Wind that assures fertility.

This wind is the whisperer, the one who sings a lullaby to sleeping seeds. It is the one who "quiets our ground" as the scriptures says. When life needs to be recharged into seeds and bulbs, when energy is gathered into fruit producing strength, it is all underground. In the soul who waits in silence. The soul who listens to the gentle ticking of some internal clock moving by seconds closer to a fresh, fruitful emergence.

There is a part of my life that is underground. I have ceased to struggle with that. God is giving me a new prospective. Those unused parts of my calling are embracing the silence God fills with His Presence. Out of this great, solitary quiet, His word to me and through me will come even as the first daffodil of spring.

In this silent place I hear His heart beating. No dead silence but a silence that settles around me, swaddling me. Perfect stillness. Rest. Like a mother laying her hand on the baby sleeping within her so His hand covers me.

These underground areas will not always be hidden. At the appointed time another wind will break the spell of this silent, patient season and new gifts and wisdom will emerge. For now those areas of life wait and I am reminded of the words of Milton, "They also serve who stand and wait." God's own precious word to us says, "Those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don't get tired, they walk and don't lag behind. Isaiah 40 The Message.

It is that fear of lagging behind that we dread. Lagging behind our peers, the rest of creation, having God walk so far out in front that we lose sight of Him. Lay that aside. He promises you will keep up. Not fall behind. He who created the Summer Wind also made the treasures of the snow.

Let our souls wait in hope. Listen to winter's lullaby. It sings to us not of itself but of Spring and of hope, of new opportunities and maybe for some a second chance.

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.
(Bookmark by Teresa of Avila)

To Elizabeth Regina

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