Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Listening Soul by Elizabeth Collins

As I listened to your description of the north wind, the words "possessing your soul in stillness and silence" came to me. The season of the north wind is indeed the season of winter, the season in which the soul learns the value of stillness and silence.

Hebrews 4:11 says that we are to labor to enter into rest. Learning to possess your soul in stillness and silence is one of the hardest things we have to do. Learning to rest in God, to wait upon Him while we put aside our own striving, takes effort.

You called the north wind "the whisperer". This is the season in which we learn to hear the still, small voice of God, to recognize the urges and promptings of the Holy Spirit, as we keep ourselves quiet before Him.

The wonderful thing about winter is that even though things look bleak and cold, there is still life and beauty to be found around you, there is never complete death in winter. The birds and animals are still there; they just move at a slower pace and some sleep. So it is with us. Though some things may lie dormant or hibernating within us, there is still life.

All of us face winter. Some have short winters, some have long, the question is, what do we do with them? Do we rail at God and hear only the echoes of our own complaints or do we learn to possess our souls in stillness and silence so that we can catch the whispers of the north wind?

It's up to us.

"Whispered" by Elizabeth Collins
Anchorage, Alaska

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