Sunday, April 21, 2013

Planting a Kiss

The flowers have appeared in the earth, The time of the singing has come...Song of Solomon Chapter 2

A Spicy Moment (with John in mind)

 Looking for a gift for you I went to the spice shop that sells candy-
Garam masala, fennel, lavender infused olive oil and...candy.
If you are comfortable referring to Mexican dark chocolate
with bacon, French white chocolate with blueberries and
German chocolate with cacao nibs as "candy".
They also sell honey from gifted bees- Mensa bees,
working exotic flower fields.
Did I mention the teas brimming over with the magic of
ancient lands and figs and dates?
Open the door and your soul expands in a cocoa,

oolong, madras melange of delight.
I bought you peaches and pecans in milk chocolate.
One bar cost what I earned an hour the first year we were married.
Delicious! D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!
But not so fine a delicacy, not so sweet a treat, not so juicy 

as even one of your kisses all spicy magic...and mine.

Alaska is always north of spring. Alaska is such a hold out hanging on to long winter like a loved one saying good-bye. Those of us living here are shouting out, "GOOD-BYE!" with a garden spade in our hand. Ahhh, but still the snow can't seem to make up its mind even though the geese are flying in and the ravens are flying out.

So we Alaskans get out in the lengthening days and go from store to store just to be outside in the light. I met a friend at the spice shop that has opened a tea room and we enjoyed the day talking about God and poetry over the fragrant steam coming from our cups.

The time of singing is coming. The days of flowers and landscape screaming verse is on the way. The season for planting carrots, zucchini and dahlias is inching closer. I am like a runner in a crouch, toe digging in behind an imaginary line.

Spring is almost here and if it is still too soon to plant a carrot, even if you don't have a green thumb- you can always plant a kiss! 

I did!

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  1. Beautiful! I love Alaska! It is a place of beauty, mystery, and magnificent splendor! I can only imagine the "cabin fever" you must experience. Keep planting those kisses - Johnny will love the harvest!