Wednesday, May 2, 2012

52 NEW

Go for it!

Today I did something I have never done. I enjoyed it at the time. I am still enjoying it as I write this and may enjoy it even more as the day unfolds. Part of the fun is keeping it to myself for the moment...well, except to tell you that I did something.

It is not a bucket list thing because I do plan to experience Eternity in the presence of One who would consider a mere bucket small potatoes. This is more my trading wishing for doing and doing it now.

There is a fund I have to go to France "someday" and I deposit money, a bit at a time, into it. This is not that. This is not me throwing caution to the wind and maxing out a credit card to get it NOW either.

This is me stretching and trying something new for myself. New in miniature. This is a different "new" than the newness God brings. We sometimes neglect ourselves or an awareness of the life around us.

The plan is for me to identify small, easy opportunities, tiny itches and then to scratch at least one a week. That would be 52 new things experienced over the next year. I invite you to join me and make a list of your own.

Opportunities could be by way of example: A restaurant never tried. A recipe never made. A spice explored. A vegetable never eaten. A charity never donated to. A hair color or style that has been tempting. A woodland trail never walked. A person never spoken to. A new author. A new position for love making. A daring nail color. A foreign film with subtitles. A planetarium show. Trying a new caliber bullet. A different guitar. Planting a kitchen spice garden. Collecting for the food bank. Writing a poem. Drawing a face. Riding a horse. Sharing your faith. Getting contacts. The possibilities are endless.

The criteria is that you have never done it before and it is moral, legal and affordable. (I am not suggesting pap smears and prostate checks be put on the list. Hopefully, that has already been taken care of. This is a fun list not a legalist's tally of bricks.)

There is a notebook I plan to keep to start a list then to keep track of each thing I tried and how it was. Along the way I expect I will discover people and experiences that will beg a permanence in my life and I will joyfully make room. Some new minutes may become vital. Somethings will be relegated to the "dustbin of history" having obtained a poor review.

No prayer time, family time or work time will be injured in the making of my time.

If truth be told, each of us probably does any number of new things each week. We do them accidentally, thoughtlessly and often not recognizing an opportunity for fanfare. I will anticipate, plan (small) and execute new things and then keep record of them to celebrate if they produces a celebration. No more same-old, same-old.

A wise woman once said, "What an interesting life I had. How I wish I had realized it sooner." (Colette)

Start today and the next time someone asks, "What's new?" you won't even have to think about it.


(Hint: Keep the lovemaking discoveries between you and your spouse.)

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