Saturday, March 10, 2012

The King In Residence

In the name of our God we will set up our banners. Psalm 20:5

I enjoy reading about the history and customs of royalty. One custom specified that when the reigning monarch was in residence somewhere, his or her standard was raised. A ruler often had several castles of his own and frequently visited the homes of his knights. The way used to communicate to all the whereabouts of the king was to fly his colors. In war times when the army was on the field the king's banner identified the command tent.

That ancient practice proves practical to us. The Name of the Lord is our banner. When the King is resident in our lives it will be obvious. His standard waives over us. We are wearing His colors breathing out His blessings. We are not alone. We have been adopted into God's family and have every legal right to fly His banner, to use His Name.

Whatever is going on in our life, whatever our needs, whatever we are celebrating or hoping for, whatever has come up against us- it is banner time. The Name of the Lord, the Love of the Lord, is a banner over us and all that is ours. We are identified as His, protected by all the resources He commands in His Name.

Whenever your memory feeds my soul,
whatever got broken becomes whole...
Whenever the sun refuses to shine,
whenever the skies are pouring rain
Whatever I lost I thought was mine,
whenever I close my eyes in pain
Whenever I kneel to pray,
whenever I need to find a way
I'm calling out your name*

The scripture tells us that the Queen of Sheba made a journey to put Solomon to the test because, "she had heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD." (1 Kings 10:1)

That Name will always distinguish us from our surroundings and often transform them. It will surly transform us. The darker and more impoverished the surroundings the brighter and more alive the banner snapping in the wind overhead, waiving and proclaiming,
He is here!

Sometimes Hell needs to get that message. Sometimes the lost need a landmark. Sometimes we need to encourage ourselves with its significant truth and set up a banner.

Job loss?- Banner!
Children in rebellion?- Banner!
Path report malignant?- Banner!
Spouse having an affair?- Banner! Banner! Banner!
Unsaved loved ones?- Banner!
Co-workers scrutinising your life?- Banner!
Taken to court?- Banner!
Lied about?- Banner!
Chance for a second chance?- Banner!
Success in business?- Banner!
Answered prayer?- Banner!
God whispered to your heart?- Banner!
Falling in love?- Banner!
Healing?- Banner!
Loved one safely home from war?- Super Big Glorious Banner With Bells! (a little history here)
God's new mercies each morning?- Banner!

In the name of our God (Jehovah-Nissi) we will set up our banners. Psalm 20:5

Today is a good day, the best day, to unfurl His beautiful, loving standard over us and call to the wind.

-Kat With Banners

* Whenever I Say Your Name by Sting

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  1. I love this post! I had just dredged up from my memory banks that old childhood (Sunday School) song, "Love is the flag flown high from the castle of my heart...for the King is in residence there..." for my 6 yr old the other day. And now this! I want His colors over my tent. -K