Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remember How Good Cheeseburgers Tasted Married?

Remember when you invited everyone to the reception and my mother wanted to shoot you?

Remember when my father showed up at the motel the morning after?

Remember how you didn’t think to leave groceries in the new apartment before you left Germany to get me?

Remember how good cheeseburgers tasted married?

Now I catch you watching me cutting my meat, drawing a card for someone, moving through a store.

I can feel your eyes are on me and they are kind eyes, forgiving of the tiny flaws that accumulate faster now. If you are looking for your 21 year old bride you will find her. She is here behind my 59 year old face and she remembers you in your strength.

We have spent time together all of us the new and not so new versions of ourselves. We have spent it as the sacred currency it is and now we find ourselves with so much more than when we began.

Please keep looking and I will keep pretending I do not see you doing it.

I will love you forever.


The blessing of the Lord maketh rich. Proverbs 10:22

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