Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Scroll of Remembrance

Then those who feared the LORD talked with each other, and the LORD listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the LORD and honored his name. Malachi 3:16 (New International Version)

I have several friends who have been giving those angel scribes writer's cramp for years. My emails from these special souls should be bound as a devotional. How insightful, heartfelt and hope inspiring are their thoughts. When I read them I am reminded of this scripture from Malachi. God is listening. They bless and thrill me and I am not their subject, how much more so must they touch (and entertain) God who is.

When we "who fear the Lord" share with one another what the Lord is doing in our lives, what excites us about Him, Heaven is typing an email of its own. We will see those words again. I cannot help but believe that God treasures our musings, declarations and excited utterances about His character. Maybe He rereads those scrolls like I reread old love letters.

Like the angel scribes, I have saved the best offerings and revisit them from time to time when I need a lift. There are emails that speak life to dead dreams, make children off bounds to bad stuff, put fresh lipstick on my soul, share the wealth, make me laugh, make me want to write or draw and remind me it is all about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I have received Reply to All emails that are chain letters on steroids.

Heaven listens as we breathe upon each others lives, rain upon one anothers fields and smell the fruit even when it is just the promise of fruit. All the while as those angel fingers are flying a fragrant wind has begun to blow.

I encourage you to let your heart speak of Him today. Send a note, write an email, buy a card, make a call. Celebrate Christ. Draw a word picture about our wonderful Savior and go tell someone...then listen for the sound of a pen on paper other than your own...the sound of a scroll opening...His heart opening.

See how long things that need resuscitating stay dead in that atmosphere. Buy a bigger cup because it will runneth over. Mine certainly does. It is a first rate blessing to have friends who are addicted to pouring! Pour forth! (Angels, take this down.)

To my darling, golden friends I say thank you for loving me so well in Jesus name. Thank you for sharing your magical heart thoughts with me. How often they literally are a "song in the night" for me. Thank you for painting Christ in colors that stir my soul to love Him more, serve Him more, want Him more.

From an old email comes this prayer I wrote. I have placed it in my Bible where I remember to read it on behalf of all who are so special to me. I pray it over you again now. I pray it on behalf of anyone who is reading this offering.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of wisdom that opens every door.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of freedom that liberates every prisoner.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of abundance that opens the storehouse.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of remembrance that counts every generous word and deed.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of tender ministry that pours oil upon all wounds. (Including the self inflicted ones.)

I breathe upon you the Spirit of protection that stiffens your shields.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of vengeance upon the Wicked One.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of composure and unity and peace and safety.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of life that awakens sleeping dreams and shattered hopes.

I breathe upon you the Spirit of creation that you may make His way beautiful as He inspires you.

I embrace you in the Spirit of friendship which is yours as long as Eternity is in our hearts.

What do you have need of?

What is Christ capable of?

Tell someone.

Angels are listening.


And the Lord saw and heard and kept a record and set deliverance in motion by a strong wind from the south. A fruitful wind. A beautiful, fragrant wind. And God breathed upon them and life returned.


Love and gratitude to those who know who they are.

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  1. Just so grateful for this beauty here tonight. The perfect post to read on Thanksgiving evening. And I just love your prayer. Blessings to you, friend...and thank you for linking up to Graceful this week.