Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us...Romans 12

I am so happy! I recently visited the home of a friend who is an artist. For the past several years, however, rather than working in pen or paint, she has been sculpting. She has been fashioning two little boys into sons of God. As all mothers will testify (especially mothers blessed with boys) this can be rewarding but exhausting work.

My friend is part of a small circle of spiritually like minded friends who have been encouraging one another to "BE!" as in "Light, Be!" or "Glory, Be!" Encouraging one another to study, paint, write, heal, and practice fierce belief. "Iron has been sharpening iron," if you will, as we have been praying to become river producing clouds.

Last weekend our talented friend rained upon our fields. She painted this picture of my words about our Beloved Lord traveling around the world. (Just as this blog hit everywhere but the South Pole.) I added it to the site with gratitude.

She also painted a picture of fire and water issuing forth from John's sax. John said her prophetic image was upper most in his mind a day later when he played belief and healing over a congregation.

Second Timothy 1:6 mentions stirring up or fanning into a flame the gifts within us. How much it helps if we have friends with matches and a love of seeing God's work light up our lives through our giftings.

John recently preached about the land of Gennesaret where plants that would be in competition with each other anywhere else on the planet all thrive together, produce together and create abundance. Non competitive, juicy, fruitfulness was a hallmark of this ancient Valley and "Garden of Riches."

The Church should be Gennesaret. Some of us have found our way there to our delight. This is a fruitful place with good soil and lots of encouragement. A place where thistles are unwelcome and find no nourishment. This is a garden true Holy Spirit friendship has planted. I encourage you to take your gifts and your friends in hand and find your way there.

Kim, many deep and sincere thanks for your gifts, your inspiration and your friendship. I can hear Christ saying, "Well done!" I love my Word-Seeds and the seven stars in my hair and how wise of you to have made me look younger!

You are a rare find. "A woman who surpasses them all."

To all of you reading this with gifts hidden away in side of you
I say, "Ephphatha-Be opened."
It is a prayer true friends pray over one another.
It is a prayer Heaven will answer.


To Kim Lorentzen, wife, mother, friend, daughter, artist. Don't let your paint brush dry out!

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