Saturday, September 4, 2010

Every Hair of Your Head

Every breath you release captures Christ's attention as much as a gale force wind of hurricane strength;

Every hair shed as a mighty oak crashing in the forest;

Every single beat of your heart, throbs in His pulse, as strong and fluent as African drums calling to one another across the savanna;

Every tear wets His own cheek.

He is the God of stars and planets, deepest ocean caves, the seen and unseen worlds; of ancient and future days, The King of Angel Armies and schools of fish, The Lord of war horses and sweet kitties, the Prince of honeycombs and spider silk. He is the High and Lifted Up One. The depth of Him is undiscovered.

He is Holy, Holy, Holy and He is wholeheartedly yours!

Yours today. Yours tomorrow. Yours forever. Yours!

None is His equal. None His like. He is the One with all the choices and the power to make them. He has made His choice...YOU!

He has made a place for you.

Come up. Come in. Be His. Smell the cinnamon and aloes as His robe overspreads you.

Be His. Live. Really live, now and every minute after.

He knows what your choice of Him will cost you because His choice to love and save you held nothing back.

On the way to the Cross He counted the hairs of your head a thousand times but kept no reckoning of your sins.

All that will happen to you today has been overspread by His great, fragrant robe of affection and fellowship.

Such is the God who is yours. The God who is ours.


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