Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Come Tickle Me!

"Grandpa, come tickle me!" John Sebastian would yell up to John from the downstairs family room, prompting Grandpa to charge down the steps and chase our two year old grandson around (after first pretending he could not see him hiding in plain sight) only to fall upon him and tickle away.

Great happy peals of laughter could be heard throughout the house. Grandpa would run back upstairs, Johnny would hide and it would start all over again. So it went until they were both exhausted and delighted with each other.

I could not help thinking if there is truth to, "Be it done on earth as it is in Heaven," then the Godhead knows how to laugh. Maybe that is how some of the more amusing elements in Creation came into being, God got tickled with Himself. I just know laughter is healing and I also know that the good stuff comes down from above. Yep, God laughs.

How irreverent might it be to think that there are times He is out to tickle us? To chase us around and engage us in an uninhibited free for all of joy and amusement? I am so there! I am so there! "God, come tickle me! I'm waiting!

He chases me and when He catches me apathy, sadness, loneliness, boredom and sickness are run out of the room as He turns me upside down with delight. Now I chase Him and He runs slower. I grab His robe and the scent of myrrh, aloes and cassia fill my senses. I catch Him full around the waist. We are a hysterical ball of laughter.

Hell just shut its windows and turned up the radio so it can't hear the Glory. YES!

"He is the joy of all the earth."

This last week I had an email from a friend with a story in it of how God was God for her in the most wonderful and creatively generous way. I could not stop laughing when I read about how God chased her down and delighted her. I woke up this morning still laughing over it. Really, out loud, hold your sides, this-is-so-good-it-hurts, laughter. Heaven was laughing right along with me.

"He is the joy of all the earth."

Tell the Lord to come and get you and then you embrace Him right back.

"He is the joy of all the earth."

If He made us in His image then God is ticklish and laughs easily.

"He is the joy of all the earth."

If "There is a time to Laugh," it could be now.

"He is the joy of all the earth."


Dedicated with delight to the Lioness of God who received the blessing of His favor and made us all joyful with the telling of it.

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