Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today is Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. Easter is a week away as Lent is concluding. What a week that was in history. A week whose events are still influencing history.

Palm Sunday remembers the triumph of Christ's entry into Jerusalem to cheers of, "Hosanna." This is often interpreted to mean, "Save us!" but it had a forceful element of worshipful praise accompanying it. The expectation of the Jewish people was high for the overthrow of their immediate enemies and the restoration of the former glory of Jerusalem.

When we first encounter Christ we often have the same expectation. We, like the Jews, have a different outcome in mind and are hoping for a different deliverance. We are concerned about today but God has planned for eternity.

God's love is bigger than we know.

Walk with Him this week- into Jerusalem, to supper with friends, to the Garden, to Calvary, to the tomb. Let us stand and peer into the emptiness of our own understanding and praise the One whose humility changed history. Let us trust the One who planned to bring us home.

Kathy wrote a poem she shared with friends that highlights Christ's Palm Sunday ride with us in mind. I share it here.

Blessings on this thoughtful day,

John LaMantia

He comes to shouts of Hosanna
coats torn from backs
thrown into the dirt
palm branches
stripped from trees
faith's flags flying
Hosanna, Hosanna
His heart grasps
the meaning
that eludes us
Obedience comes
in the Name of the Lord
A Lamb consumed comes
in the Name of the Lord
God rides to His death
on a donkey for me


-by Kat Cavanaugh LaMantia

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