Monday, March 18, 2013

Being Wild Yeast

God, my God, how great you are!
beautifully, gloriously robed,
Dressed up in sunshine,
and all heaven stretched out for your tent.
You built your palace on the ocean deeps,
made a chariot out of clouds and took off on wind-wings.
You commandeered winds as messengers,
appointed fire and flame as ambassadors...
You covered the mountains with deep waters;
Then you roared and the water ran away...  
What a wildly wonderful world, God!
You made it all...
-Psalm 104 Message

There is a blog site I follow full of wonderful bread recipes. More than I like the bread I love the title, Wild Yeast. Tonight while I was looking at how to make sourdough rye the title was working on me. Expanding something. Raising glory.

Wild Yeast! Isn't that the very thing Christ intended us to be? The Kingdom of the Heavens," He said, "is like yeast which a woman takes and buries in a bushel of flour, for it to work there till the whole mass has risen." Matthew 13:33 WNT

The plan of Creation was a wild ride. Overflowing with wonderfulness per the above Psalm. The plan of salvation was so out of the mainstream the world never saw it coming, at least never saw the form of its coming, in spite of all the prophecy pointing the way.

God and "box" are polar opposites. A world made of thoughts, men made of dust, a God who dies? The wild-heartedness of the Living God! The only sound in the room is the intake of my breath.

Wild Yeast! Why do I often settle for a lesser, more easily managed God? Why am I tamed by the world that thought it could tame Him? We should expect more. Be more. Be more WILD! Be more open to wildness.

I am so easily satisfied by the call of lovers so less wild.-Derek Webb

Could we be done with that? Safe love. Could we replace it with the wildness of a God who loves us like a crack of thunder and who has made us a flame of fire? The God who has made us the light and salt and leaven for a world hungry for bread that satisfies more than just physical hunger?

Could we be wild?

How wild?

Wild enough to love the world into a saving knowledge of Christ no matter how He chooses to use us?

Wild enough to believe for anything?

Wild enough to hope for everything?

Wild enough to say, "Yes!" before the question has been asked?

Wild enough to raise glory?

Could we be Heaven's Wild Yeast?

Could we?



  1. What a fun way to think of a heavenly challenge!

  2. YES!

    This post reminds me of one of my favorite songs, "Kiss the Flame" by Jewel: "...Kiss the flame/Let's run with the hunted, the untamed/Kiss the flame..." -K