Monday, May 30, 2011


All things happen to us so that we will have an answer to why we have the testimony, the faith, the salvation, the joy that we have. So that we may point to the memorials of God in our lives and leave them as highway markers for those who follow after us.

God can "cook" and he wants us to have every confidence that we can too. He doesn't just give us the cook book, He cooks for us and asks for a demonstration back. "Love me? Feed mine."

He wants us to know He is always enough (more than food, or money or life) and He wants us to know the words of "enough" that He knows. The enough line in the sand that says to Hell, "Go no farther!" And the words of abundant, limitless enough that say, "Christ is your satisfaction, be ye filled with whatever you have need of!"

When the multitude hungered, the apostles wanted to send them away. They were tired and knew the people were tired and hungry and they said "Enough already." Jesus wanted to seat them, feed them, show the 12 how to camp cook for all that were hungry.

Christ's definition of enough bore little similarity to the apostles at that time. That would change. Peter's proclamation, "Silver and gold have I none but such as I have I give thee, rise and walk in the Name of Jesus," was born of eating the bread of enough. Enough has a voice that is obeyed.

When God gifted me with my first 40 day fast I really got a cooking lesson. I learned about "enough." I learned that when you seek the God of Enough you should get ready for the oil to run like a river, the bread to rise and Hell to starve. Get ready to have something to say worth listening to. Get ready to know what it means to say, "I have meat ye know not of." The Table of the Lord was enough.

Our Enough God wants to show us what enough really is...Himself. Where He is, everything else is also. Satisfied, nourished, complete.

I have been looking into Kings and Insight for Living had this offering. I'll share this out of the life of the prophet who had learned about enough and shared the wisdom with a widow.

"You can't talk the talk if you've never walked the walk. You can't
encourage somebody else to believe the improbable if you haven't
believed the impossible. You can't light another's candle of hope if
your own torch of faith isn't burning.

When Elijah saw the near-empty flour bin and oil jug, he said, almost
with a shrug, "That's no problem for God. Get in there and fix those
biscuits." Then he told her why.

Listen to these confident words of faith: "The bowl of flour shall not
be exhausted, nor shall the jar of oil be empty, until the day that
the LORD sends rain on the face of the earth."

What a promise! That woman must have looked at Elijah, this tired,
dusty stranger, with wonder and bewilderment, as she heard words like she'd never heard before.

Have you ever spent time in the presence of a person of faith? Ever
rubbed shoulders with men and women of God who don't have the word "impossible" in their vocabulary? If not, locate a few strong-hearted souls. You need them in your life. These are the kind of incredible associations God uses to build up our faith!"

Taken from Charles R. Swindoll

If you are looking for me in the days ahead you will find me in the kitchen. A Bride should know how to cook. How to make enough for this hungry world. I have eager brother and sister chefs all willing to share ingredients, to celebrate enough, to become enough in Christ.

Grab an apron?

(Picture of Eucharist is a drawing I made when JD returned from a second tour in Iraq. I had taken daily Communion in the silver cup he bought for me before he left and the host was drawn using the mouth of that same cup.)

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